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2020 Camp Registration and Deposit - Main Transportation Site
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I verify that my son/daughter has had a physical recently and may participate in all the activities of the LifeCamp program. I understand and acknowledge that in case of illness, accident or injury, my child will be evaluated and receive medical treatment from LifeCamp staff and/or emergency response personnel. In the event I cannot be reached in an EMERGENCY, I hereby give permission to LifeCamp to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia, or surgery for my child named above.  I also, hereby grant LifeCamp personnel permission to administer medication as prescribed by a doctor, as indicated on the Health Form, to my son/daughter.


As parent/guardian of the child named above, I understand the risks involved with my son/daughter participating in the LifeCamp summer camp.  I further agree that LifeCamp, its agents, employees, and  volunteers shall be held harmless for injury, death, or damage to property that occurs while my child is participating in the camp, except that which is shown as negligence on part of the LifeCamp or its representatives.


I understand that LifeCamp features special events both on-site and off-site.  Media representatives, newspaper and television reports, photographers, and public-relations personnel may be present at these special events to record them.  In some cases they may interview and/or photograph children who participate in these events.  These photographs, videos, and interviews will only be used to promote LifeCamp.


I give permission for my child to be photographed or otherwise recorded during LifeCamp events and activities, and for any and all such photographs to be displayed by LifeCamp in any medium (books, newsletter, websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) whether now or hereafter known or developed.


LifeCamp has a strict "no refund" policy. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances including suspension, expulsion, custody orders, medical and program dissatisfaction.

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